The first entries in Great and Little Bedwyn, Wiltshire emerge in the 18th century and are for baptisms between 1702 and 1716 of the children of Thomas BREADMORE and Hannah, followed by the marriage of Elizabeth BRADMORE and Edward BARTHOLOMEW in November 1727 in Great Bedwyn. Between 1727 and 1809 there are records of the family being in Great and Little Bedwyn, but it is at this stage that the BREADMORE people seem to split away into five different groups.

  • John BRIDMORE married Mary HAYWARD in Ramsbury and moved to Quarley, Hampshire
  • Francis BREADMORE married Sarah SHEARMAN and lived in Chute, Wiltshire
  • Joseph BREADMORE married Jane GIDDENS and lived in Mildenhall, Wiltshire - he later married Sarah COLE
  • Valentine BREADMORE married Dinah WINTER and lived in Chieveley, Berkshire
  • Richard BREADMORE and Martha HOLLICK lived in Wroughton, Wiltshire

Many of the BREADMORE people in England are descendants of one of these five groups and if I could prove the five groups are connected in Great/Little Bedwyn I would be able to show that a large proportion of the BREADMOREs in the world are related.

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Great Bedwyn Church
Great Bedwyn Church,