Searching the 1881 census for BREADMORE (without any variations) resulted in 180 people. Of this number 38% were under the age of 15 and another 39% were between the ages of 16 and 35. There were 94 males and 86 females, the oldest male being aged 71 and the oldest female aged 85.

Below is a list of occupations of BREADMOREs in 1881.

Ag. Lab. Dressmaker Laundress
Auctioneer Farm bailiff Maltster
Barman Farm boy Mason's labourer
Book folder Gamekeeper Miller
Bootmaker General dealer Miller's labourer
Bricklayer General servant Nurse
Bricklayer's labourer Grocer Parlour maid
Cab driver Groom Private RMLS
Carpenter Housekeeper Railway labourer
Charwoman Housemaid Railway porter
Coachman Iron moulder Railway shunter
Collector & Agent Ivory bone turner Rural messenger
Cook Labourer in sugar house Shepherd
Cowman Labourer Spinner in a worsted mill
Dock labourer Labourer gas Stick dresser
Domestic servant Lady's nurse Woodman

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