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There are currently 91 known variations or mis-spellings of the Breadmore name, shown below.

Most of the following spellings have been found on records pertaining to people who are known to be BREADMOREs. In other words they are mis-spellings, due to the whim of the recorder or local accent, while others are mis-transcriptions.

Beardmore Beeachmore Bidmore Bradman Bradmer Bradmoor Bradmore Braedmore Braidmore Brandman Brardmore Breadcore Breademore Breadenke Breadma Breadmac Breadmace Breadman Breadmane Breadmar Breadmare Breadmarrs Breadmase Breadmear Breadmen Breadmer Breadmere Breadmne Breadmoer Breadmon Breadmone Breadmonn Breadmoor Breadmoore Breadmor Breadmorce Breadmore Breadmound Breadmour Breadmoure Breadmur Breadnore Breadnote Breadshure Breadwere Breashmore Breaumore Brechner Breddman Breddmore Bredemeier Bredemeir Bredemere Bredemeyer Bredemore Bredmar Bredmer Bredmere Bredmire Bredmoe Bredmond Bredmoore Bredmor Bredmore Bredmoure Bredsmore Breedman Breedmore Brendmare Brendmore Brendtson Breodmore Bridemore Bridemow Bridman Bridmar Bridmor Bridmore Broadman Broadmore Brodmor Brodmore Brydmore Byadman Dreadmore Meadmore Meardmore Preadmore Predmore Prendmore Pridmore

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William Henry BREADMORE
William Henry BREADMORE,
Bangalore, S. India,
October 1918